Safe Work Practices: Rope Access

Before any work can progress a number of actions must be taken. ALL WORK CREWS whether employees or contractors shall posess the correct certificates of competency in the use of required equipment, a minimum requirement shall be an IRAA level 1 or IRATA level 2 Rope Access Technician [RAT] certification. Note IRAA level 1 RATs must be supervised by an IRAA level 2 RAT.

All employees will have undertaken adequate training in the method to be used in carrying out the specified task. This training should be provided by Ropetek Services Pty Ltd or another competent organisation in the correct use, care and storage of individual fall-arresting equipment, tools and other equipment.

Each system must be inspected annually by a competent person to certify the integrity of a system for ongoing use as a RA system.

SUPERVISION should ensure that only persons that have received adequate training and instruction and hold certificates of competency in relation to a certain task are permitted to carry out such work. They should ensure that work crews have a clear understanding of safe work practices and are equipped with all PPE required. The ROPE ACCESS SYSTEM is designed ONLY for persons using Twin RA Method – Bosuns Chair access systems as defined by NSW WorkCover and Australian Standards. The device must be used strictly in accordance with these instructions.

An energy absorbing device, [tearaway lanyard or similar] MUST be used when conducting ROPE ACCESS. To use the equipment without this device may expose the user to risk of extensive injury in the event of a fall. The energy-absorbing device should meet the minimum test requirements of 6kN when tested in accordance with AS 1891.1.

These procedures should be used as a guide for detailed standards and procedures during works:
• Site Safety Manuals
• Quality Procedures Manual
• AS1891 & AS 4488 Standards
• Environmental policy
• Equipment register
• Insurance details.
• Risk assessment.
• IRATA guidelines

Staff requirements
• OH&S Site Induction Training
• Red Cross first aid certificates
• At least 2 years industry experience
• IRATA Training levels 1 to 3
• Leading hand IRATA Level 2
• Good team work and communication skills
• Good presentations and client relations